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Welcome! If you are an MV member we ask you to log in with your iiDesk credentials. Every MV member should have these log in credentials. If there's any problem logging in or finding your credentials please contact the board at Secretaris-MV@tudelft.nl.

If you are unable to pay using iDeal, contact us at Lustrum-MV@tudelft.nl for alternative options.

Open Party

Buying tickets for the open party is done through eTicks. Only buy your tickets via this channel. The salespoint can be found at the following webshop:

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Price for non-MV member students: €??, price for non-students: €??. The reduced ticket price is only available for students (of any institute), and your immatriculation will be verified at the entrance. No refunds will be given.

Terms of service

To make sure the entire Lustrum is properly enjoyable for everyone and to mitigate unpleasant surprises as the Lustrum Committee there are terms of buying tickets through the website. This is also dictated by Dutch Law. The following terms are set related to reimbursements.

Only under the following conditions will the payment sum be refunded. If these conditions are not met, the Lustrum Committee is not required to return the payment.


  • Decease or the death of a dear one;
  • Serious injury which excludes the participation in an activity;
  • Serious disease which excludes the participation in an activity.

In the following cases will the payment sum only be returned when funds remain after the repayment of creditors and sponsors:

  • When through circumstances the Lustrum Committee in agreement with the Board of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging to cancel certain festivities;
  • When by the statutes of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging some festivities can not continue.

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All our payments are safely done using the iDeal system of your preferred Dutch bank.