21 November

Theatre de Veste

A large international symposium is held with the theme Energy transition, the world with a growing natural resource demand. Speakers will come from all over the world, to talk about change and the growing demand in the energy sector.

The Applied Earth Sciences study programme has a lot to do with the energy sector. Especially with Earth's growing population and the evolving world, energy demand is increasing. Will current sources satisfy this evergrowing demand? Are there any developments in this domain, and is there room to innovate? Can green energy such as solar, wind and geothermal cover the growth in energy demand? These are all questions that are discussed during the symposium.

At the symposium there will be various topics relating the energy sector. These are geopolitical issues, demand for resources, demand for energy and sustainability of the Earth. During the AES programme students are taught to find creative solutions to complex problems. The purpose of the symposium is to activate students and alumni alike to think about the discussed challenges from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The day's program [pdf]

Time Speakers / activity
09:00 Opening by ir. Remco de Boer
09:15 HE M.S. Barkindo
09:55 Prof. Dr. Gerard van der Steenhoven
10:35 Break
11:05 Mr. Ir. Mark S. de Zilwa Ms. Ir. Christina Meskers
11:45 Mr. Jan Pieter Barendse
12:25 Lunch
13:30 Drs. Pieter van Oord Dr. Ali Akbar Eftekhari
14:10 Mr. Ir. Tim Bertels Ms. Ir. Manon Stöver
14:50 Break
15:20 Drs. Ir. Jeroen van der Veer
16:00 Panel discussion with:
Jan Willen van Hoogstraten, Tjerk Wagenaar, Jeroen van der Veer, Andrea Ramirez
17:00 Drinks

Chairman: Ir. Remco de Boer

Ir. Remco de Boer is a researcher, publicist and interviewer on the subject of energy transition. Since 2016 he has reported on energy transition for the newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, BNR News radio and for the news service Energeia. Mr. De Boer is also a columnist for Delft Integraal the scientific magazine of TU Delft. His latest book, ‘Tussen hoogmoed en hysterie’ [Between arrogance and hysteria] is a reconstruction of the fight against shale gas extraction in the Netherlands. Remco de Boer has a progressive yet realistic view on the energy transition.

Symposium speakers

Symposium panel

Symposium organization

The following people are in charge of the symposium.