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Dear Guest,

During the month of February 2020 the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging is celebrating its 127.5th birthday. The Lustrum takes place from February 24 to February 29 2020 place and is home to numerous events for students, alumni and guests of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging.

Our theme this Half-Lustrum will be Fuel the Future, Todays potential for a sustainable Tomorrow. With this theme, the Halflustrum committee wants to focus on today’s energy transition, with an emphasis on the fact that the transition from fossil fuels to more sustainable energy resources needs to be of a gradual nature. Oil and gas resources will continue to be exploited for years to come, but as we move towards a sustainable future, new technologies are being developed in both directions to meet the growing energy demand.


The 11th Halflustrum Committee

Meet Halflustrum committee

Hello! I’m Julia, and I’m currently in my fourth year of the bachelor of Applied Earth Science at the TU Delft. As the president of the 11th Halflustrum committee I’m making sure that my committee stays on top of our tasks, so that a great Halflustrum comes together!

Hi my name is Hein Lafeber! As the secretary I keep, together with Julia, an overview of what happened and what still needs to happen to be able to organize this amazing week. Besides that, I’ll make sure all of you are up to date about the lustrum and all its epic events!

I am Rens, a fifth year student of Applied Earth Sciences. Being part of the Half Lustrum Committee sounded like a great contribution to the study association. As Treasurer, I want to make sure to organize the best events possible with the resources available!

Hi there! My name is Thijs, a fourth year bachelor student of Applied Earth Science, and I am the commissioner of Acquisition of the 11th HaLuCo! For a event like the Half Lustrum, resources are needed to make all the different parts of the event happen and that is were I come into play.

I’m Marlee, a first year master student following the Geosciences and Remote Sensing track. For the 11th Half Lustrum I’ll be organising the Symposium. I really wanted to organise this as it is sounded like quite the challenge, and you get in touch with interesting people from our industry. I hope to see you all there!


Monday the 24th will highlight the opening of what will be an amazing and festive week. Starting with the yearbook presentation at the faculty, the 80th yearbook of the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging will be presented. Hereafter, all will proceed to go outside to be present at the art installation. The work of art will be presented by the mv together with the faculty. When everyone is back inside, free drinks, good snacks and nice music will be ready. At the end of the first day , the annual dinner will be held by the yearbook committee.

With our theme, we hope to discuss the current energy issue of today; the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable forms of energy, with stricter rules on CO2 emissions, and a Paris Agreement to stick to. Speakers from different parts of the industry will talk about how they are dealing with this energy transition, and what their plans are for the future. The emphasis is put on the fact that energy transition needs to be of a gradual nature to sustainable forms of energy, and that this does not happen overnight. During the symposium, there will be various topics related to the energy sector. Companies which are responsible for the extraction, conversion, distribution and use of energy resources will all present their view on “fueling the future”.

On Tuesday the 25th of February, the 11th MV Halflustrum symposium will take place. The theme of the symposium is:
Fuel the Future: Todays potential for a sustainable tomorrow.
As with this theme, we hope to discuss the current energy issue of today; the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable forms of energy, with stricter rules on CO2 emissions, and a Paris
Agreement as a firm basis. The organizing Symposium Committee would like to put the emphasis on the fact that energy transition needs to be of a gradual nature to sustainable forms of energy, and that this does not happen overnight. In fact, many oil and gas companies will keep on exploiting their resources for the next years, as a better alternative is yet to be found.

With our theme, we hope to attract a broad international audience that is interested in both fossil fuels and sustainable forms of energy.

The symposium will be held in Theatre de Veste, in Delft. During this day, many presentations will be given, along with general and parallel sessions. A panel discussion will be held at the end of the day, where an interesting discussion is expected to take place. After this, we would like to invite all our guests to the foyer for drinks. This is where we can all reflect on the day, and also meet some interesting people from the industry, as some companies will have an information stand. 

We hope to see you all there!

Glück Auf,

The Symposium Committee
Marlee Spreij
Simon Dehout
Fien Louwerse
Barry Versluis

Wednesday is going to be a special day for students that love to go to Het Noorden. This night the Extended Noorden Evening will take place in our beloved café. With unlimited free beers and an amazing theme party organized by the 48th NoCo, you don’t want to miss out on this one. During the day there will be company visits where you will not only learn from but also will have a lot of fun.

Thursday most students will wake up with a hangover, grab yourself some nice breakfast because the next party is already knocking on your door. This day will be the day of the Open Party. Rustle up all your friends, family, neighbors or even your grandparents and bring them to show how real miners party.

Friday will be a quiet day for the student, a day to recover from the amazing Open Party and the legendary Extended Noorden Evening. They must, as the next day, they will have to look their best to impress at the Gala! Friday evening the Reünistendiner will be held at a location familiar to many alumni!

The countdown has started! We hope to fuel your hopes and ideas for the future, and realise the potential of today. See you in February 2020.

Glück Auf!



The Mining Department of KIVI wants to appeal to those who have an affinity with the study program "Applied Earth Sciences" (formerly called "Mining Engineering" and "Mining Engineering and Petroleum Extraction"). The department wants to emphasize the width of the study and leaves the depth to department-oriented subsections of KIVI.

The Mining Department tries to keep alive both the history and the future of that specialization. It does this by working closely with the "Foundation for Cultural Heritage Earth Sciences" and with the "Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging".

Memories of the 25th Lustrum